Brahma Kumaris in Hong Kong

Since 1971, the Brahma Kumaris Raja Yoga Centre in Hong Kong has been welcoming thousands of people from the community. The organisation is a registered charity and a member of the Hong Kong Council of Social Services.

While maintaining its original base in Tsim Sha Tsui, most outreach activities are now run from a tranquil but busy Centre in Dragon Road, Tin Hau. This Centre offers a variety of evening and one day courses, seminars and lectures that serve to nourish the increasing numbers of people who have recognized the value of the spiritual dimension of their lives. Courses and seminars include Raja Yoga Meditation, Step-by-Step Meditation, Positive Thinking, Refresh Workshops and World Meditation Hour.

With this growing interest in spirituality and meditation and their benefit increasingly recognised by science and medicine, many students come for classes in Chinese languages and English. Experienced teachers and facilitators run all courses on a voluntary basis. They give their time freely to share their experiences and to help others on their journey of self-development and the bringing about of inner changes, to cultivate a deeper contentment in an often-confusing world.