Meditation for Peace

Raja Yoga Meditaion

If you are frequently stressed, often tired, finding peace of mind elusive, or perhaps just looking for greater meaning and purpose in life, then you are probably ready for Raja Yoga Meditation. For over two thousand years, the most effective remedy for such symptoms of an uneasy life has been to take time out, head for the hills, and give yourself the gifts of rest, reflection and renewal to your body, mind and spirit.

In the 21st Century, we may not have time to retreat to a place away from home or work but we can retreat inside and nourish ourselves spiritually with a meditation practice. Raja Yoga meditation means taking time, as short as 3-4 minutes, to renew your inner peace and power. It is also a time-honoured path to higher understanding, self-mastery and finding greater meaning and beauty in life. 

We teach Raja Yoga, a meditation practice combined with spiritual self-knowledge. The meditation course is not based on a regime of physical postures but rather an insight into the workings of the mind, intellect and subconscious and the ability to apply this knowledge in everyday situations.

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